Monday, November 28, 2011

Proloquo2Go (come on, you knew it was coming!)

Note that this is my response to this blog.

    It was inevitable: though most people already know about this revolutionary app, I can't help but jump on the bandwagon. Proloquo2Go is absolutely fantastic- it's the best "tech tool" out right now for the Special Education community.

    In previous years, DynaVox has given a voice to those who cannot speak; people with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and ALS were able to use this machine to communicate with others. Unfortunately, DynaVox is EXTREMELY expensive- I'm talking thousands of dollars! Though it was a revolutionary device, the fact that most people cannot afford it is really upsetting to me.

    So Apple did what they do best: they revolutionized the revolutionary. Now, students can use iPads to access the newer and less expensive program: Proloquo2Go. Compared to the thousands of dollars that one might spend on the DynaVox, the Proloquo2Go is less than $200. So even if you buy an iPad for $500 and the app for $200, you still end up spending less on the program, and you can use the iPad for other things!

    And yes, it's worth the money. I was a student aide in high school, and I worked with the Special Education students. Two of my students used this program, not just in their Speech class, but in Mathematics, Science, and Reading class too! They loved it because they got to use and iPad in class, and they were consistently less frustrated because they were able to communicate effectively. I think I loved it as much as they did! If you are a teacher, ask your school about special grants or funding and you might be able to get yourself a class set!

    So do some research for yourself! Explore the program and read the reviews! It’s well worth your time!

My rating on this “tech tool”: 5/5 stars

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Purple Mash?

Please note that this is my response to this blog

    The name alone is intriguing. Purple Mash is an interactive website that encourages you (and your students) to create fun projects and games! There's such a wide range of tools that you can use: from postcard makers to math games to "mash-cams", this site has it all; and really, I'm not doing the site justice by listing the tools, because there are so many of them (you can check the "Purple Mash" link above for a full list of tools).
    Some tools are relevant for educational purposes, and some...well... it would take some creative thinking for some of these tools to be useful in the classroom. But perhaps you can find a way to make use of some of them!
    And if you can, then this "tech tool" has a lot of potential; however, it would be best if you knew what you wanted to create before you go on the site. The tools vary but they tend to be on the random side- you would definitely save time by planning out what you want to create. Once you know what you are looking for, Purple Mash makes it easy to find. They organize their tools really well by categorizing them by theme and age group. Realize that you are not limited to using Purple Mash for student projects- you can also use it and incorporate your creations into your lesson plans and PowerPoints.
    And if you do find a use for these tools, then know that it's free! Moreover, there are no software downloads- it's strictly through the internet. The only thing you would need to do is sign up/ make an account. From there, it's smooth sailing- Purple Mash even provides an "ideas page" for teachers. This is virtually risk free. So go ahead, explore Purple Mash!

My rating on this "tech tool": 3/5 (Not super crazy about it, but you might be!)