Thursday, March 1, 2012


Please note that this is my response to this blog.

    "Do you pinterest?" Pinterest is a website which people use to collaborate and share their ideas with others. I am personally on Pinterest, along with the rest of the female population (sorry if I offended any dude-pinners out there!). It wasn't until I read the blog above that I recognized the potential: Pinterest is currently the hottest website around, so why aren't we using it in the classroom?

    Check this out. Or sometimes this category. Fellow Tech bloggers: how do you like me now?

    We have all these brilliant-minded teachers out there, sharing what they've got. We too can contribute our lesson plans and fun activities to the mix. This isn't a tech tool that you can necessarily use in your lesson plan, but you can learn so much from other teachers through Pinterest. Repin the ideas, and you have them in your own virtual teacher's inventory. Best part? Absolutly free. There is litterally nothing to lose.

    But I'm not going to tell you all that you can do with this tech tool- figure it out yourself!

My rating on this "Tech Tool": 5/5